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Reasons why Businesses Should Use E-mail Marketing

Having a strong e-mail marketing strategy allows businesses to connect with their target audience in a personalized way and at an affordable cost. A study by McKinsey and Company found that e-mails are almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers (McKinsey). That's incredible!

Here are 4 reasons why businesses should have an e-mail marketing plan.

1. Targeted Audiences

E-mail marketing gives a business the ability to have their audience organized into lists. Businesses can communicate with their audience based on interests, location, where they are in the buying cycle, and more!

2. Measurable

Businesses have the ability to track what happens after sending out e=mail campaigns. This helps businesses have a better understanding of their e-mail campaigns and to tweak their campaigns to become better e-mail marketers. Businesses can track delivery rates, open rates, click through rates, unsubscribe rates, and many others.

3. Customization and Professional Look

You don't have to start from scratch! A lot of e=mail marketing platforms have templates that you can choose from. And guess what? Even those templates are customizable! Businesses can change the style to fit their businesses.

4. Affordable

Yes, e-mail marketing is affordable! Most e=mail marketing platforms offer free trials and the cost is minimal after that (roughly $30=50 / month depending on contact size). So why wait?

If your business is in need of e-mail marketing or would like to see what it could do for your business, we would love to talk with you!

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