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The Benefits of Competition

Written by Zeek Griffin

hands howling trophies and awards with confetti

Competition as a whole can be seen as a negative thing. Competing against others can actually benefit all parties involved. I personally have been a part of many competitions. These range from archery, art shows, soccer, and school competitions. I of course don’t feel the best when I don’t win, but I have never felt any regret with competing in those competitions. I always feel that I bring out the best in what I have to offer during these competitions. It also gives you the chance to meet so many new people who have similar interests with you. 

I recently was part of the Vicksburg Association Art Competition. At this competition I got second and third place in the categories I submitted to. There I got to enjoy seeing all of the other works of art and meeting the people there as well. Competition is not only about winning. It is about building relationships, experiencing new things, and so much more. 


1. Building relationships - I have met so many friends, people, and lifelong mentors by competing. I to this day have hung out, learned, and experienced new things through these amazing relationships I built.

2. Growing your skills - My skills whether it be in archery or art have not only gotten better but it has shown me to try new things. I think it has shown me what others can do and what I can do better. 

3. Experiencing new things - Through these competitions, I have learned so much culture, other people’s experiences, and learned so much about other ideas and ways of thinking. 

In conclusion, I think competition can be very beneficial. I think it builds many things including relationships, my skills, and my experiences.

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