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Do You Know The History Of Graphic Design?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

by Megan Smith

Graphic design is the art or profession of combining text, pictures, and ideas in advertisements, publications, or websites. It refers to the whole history of art, although painting and other aspects of the subject are more usually treated as art history.

According to Lifewire, Graphic Design started in 15,000-10,000 B.C. where the first known visual communication, with pictographs and symbols in the Lascaux caves in southern France. From there 105 AD: Chinese government official Ts’ai Lun is credited with inventing paper. to 1460: Albrecht Pfister becomes the first to add illustrations to a printed book. and this is just early innovations in visual communication and printing.

When talking about the history of Tyeface in 1470, Nicolas Jenson was considered one of history’s greatest typeface designers. He set a new standard for the Roman type. After that in the year of 1530, Claude Garamond opens the first type foundry, developing and selling fonts to printers but the most important date in the book is 1722 when the first Caslon Old Style font is developed. That was later used for the printing of the Declaration of Independence.

The design does come on its own. The Art Nouveau movement began and changed design forever. It made its way into all types of commercial design and utilized all types of arts. The style continued through 1920.

From there on we went through the timeline to:

Modern Art

Pop Art

Digital Revolution

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