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Why Use Graphic Design?

Written by Gabby Vince

As a graduate of the graphic design program at Mississippi College, I have quite a bit of experience with the medium and knowledge of the field. What many people do not realize is that graphic design is common even in everyday life, but especially in social media. It could be as simple as adding text to an image or making up a graphic to post for an upcoming event for your business–graphic design is everywhere. 

In most instances, a business wants to communicate effectively with their audience or customers about the kind of business they run or what they sell, but how do they achieve this? 

  1. Brand & Logo - Of course every business has to have a logo/ brand name that communicates the name to the audience, such as Chick-fil-a, which has a written logo of the business’s name as well as a drawn logo with a chicken on it. This gives the customer an idea of what the business sells. 

  2. Posts - For posting on social media, a business wants to communicate about their brand while also drawing attention to the post via design. An eye-catching design is sure to bring more attention to the post or business. 

  3. Advertisements - Along the same lines as posts, advertisements are a crucial part of running a business. Using advertisements allows a person to get the name of their business out to the public to bring in possible customers or clients. Creating a notable advertisement will draw more attention to the business. 

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