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What is AI Writing Software?

What is AI Writing Software?

By Karen Kleinman - kind of...

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, writing software is a type of computer program that can write content for you. It's also known as "automated essay generation," or AEG, and it's been around since the 1960s. The first AEG system was developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University in 1965; it created essays based on prompts like "Discuss the merits and demerits of capital punishment."

Today, there are many different types of AI writing software available online--and they're used for everything from helping students write papers to creating marketing content for companies.

Examples of AI Writing

AI writing software is already in use by many companies, including Google and Microsoft. Google uses AI-generated content to improve its search results. For example, if you search for "Paris weather," Google will tell you what the weather was like in Paris on the day of your search and provide links to similar information from previous days.

Microsoft uses AI-generated content as part of its Bing Personal Assistant tool (formerly known as Cortana). The tool allows users to ask questions about their day-to-day lives (such as "What time does my flight depart?") or perform tasks on behalf of them (such as booking a hotel reservation).

Pitfalls of AI Writing

There are a few common problems with AI writing software that you should be aware of.

  • It can't always detect sarcasm or irony. If you're trying to convey an emotion that's not entirely serious, it might not understand what you mean. For example, if you write "I'm so happy!" but use an emoticon with tears streaming down its face (🤗), then the AI will think your statement is true and not ironic at all.

  • It doesn't always pick up on metaphors or similes as well as human writers do--it has trouble understanding analogies in general because they're not literal comparisons between two things but rather figurative ones that rely on context clues for interpretation (e.g., "she was as tall as a skyscraper"). This means that sometimes an AI will interpret something incorrectly because it didn't understand the meaning behind your words; this could lead to unintentional mistakes when editing later on!

How to Tell the Difference Between AI Writing and Human Writing

There are a few ways to identify AI writing software. First, you can look for the tell-tale signs of an algorithm:

  • A lack of variety in sentence structure and word choice.

  • Grammar mistakes that don't make sense to a native English speaker (e.g., "their" instead of "they're").

  • The use of passive voice or overuse of adjectives and adverbs.

Why People Shouldn't Be Biased Against AI Writing

AI writing software is a powerful tool. It can help you write faster and better, but it's important to not be biased against AI writing.

If you're still skeptical about the capabilities of AI writing software, here are some reasons why you shouldn't be:

  • It has the potential to change the way we think about language forever.

  • It can make your life easier by taking some of the burden off your shoulders when it comes to writing tasks like emails or blog posts.

  • And finally, if you're worried about losing your job because of this technology--don't worry! We'll always need people who know how to communicate effectively with others in person and on social media.

Disclaimer: Everything written above was written by AI writing software. From opening the program to typing in the criteria for writing, proofing, and making corrections, to publishing this article post - it took about 10 minutes. Finding a picture I liked that went well with this article added another 7 minutes. Welcome to the wonders of Artificial Intelligence!

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