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The Next Big Thing For Marketing?

By Josh Hinkle

As we know big social media platforms are constantly evolving and changing daily. Whether it is the addition of Instagram/Facebook stories or the addition of live videos, digital marketing is constantly innovating and creating new features for people to use to enhance their businesses and grow their engagement online. One of the biggest trends that took the world by storm is a popular social media app called Tik Tok.

Tik Tok gives the user the ability to create, share, and discover short videos by users and businesses all across the world. The app is constantly growing and has over 500 million active users which consist of an audience base of a largely younger demographic. And you may be wondering why is it important for businesses to start using this platform? Well, one of the biggest reasons is it offers an opportunity to tap into a highly engaged large audience, but it also focuses on making your brand well known to the next generation.

Tik Tok is an interesting platform that focuses on reaching a younger demographic and places company ads in a user's algorithm based on their interests. Since a lot of brands, especially smaller businesses, are not using Tik Tok, smaller businesses can thrive and face less competition that is pretty affordable.

Overall, Tik Tok will be a very powerful tool for businesses to use in the next years to come. With its ability to not only reach audiences that aren’t reachable anywhere else; Tik Tok also gives businesses the ability to run marketing campaigns at a low cost.

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