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Trying New Things

by Isakiel Griffin

We as a group of people can get into the habit of going through the motions. We tend to get into a routine and not really deviate from it. I think trying new things can really bring new life and energy into our lives.

For me back in 2018 in high school I was never that great at sports. When my high school began an archery team, I decided to join. Because of that I went to college getting a scholarship for being on the archery team and gained many friendships.


The many benefits of staying curious and trying new things include:

  • Improved memory, mood and motivation

  • Increased adaptability and agility to acquire new skills

  • Overcoming fears and discovering new talents

  • Flexing and fulfilling your potential

Try Something New Today

Trying new things opens you up to new life changing experiences, people, and ideas. This is why trying new things is simply beneficial. It can be as basic as talking to new people and making new friends. Maybe explore a new trail. Pick up a new musical instrument or art form. Check out new foods and ways to prepare them. Take up a new physical challenge and learn a new skill. The list is endless.

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