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Creative Blocks

by Isakiel Griffin

As a creator, creative blocks are something that I constantly deal with. Creative blocks can be defined as the inability to connect to your creative mind. It can also be the exhaustion of your creative mind. It is the inability to draw in inspirations and create. Writers, musicians, performers, artists are most often the ones most affected by creative blocks. These blocks can last for days, weeks, months, or even to the extreme of years. It is one of the main problems in the creative world.

What Causes Creative Blocks

Many times we get so in our own heads that we cannot continue our work. Somethings that specifically causes creative blocks me include:

  • Stress

  • Lack of vision or direction

  • Fear of imperfection

  • Lack of Sleep

Combating Creative Blocks

Everyone has their own specific way to combat these creative blocks. Note that something that works for me or anyone else may not work for you. Some things I do that help me with creative blocks:

  • Finding new environments

    • I tend to stop whatever I am working on and try to put myself in an environment. That could be me shooting my archery bow. It could mean going for a walk. It could even mean me taking a nap. It just needs to be something that stops my brain from continuingly firing thoughts and ideas or helps calm my mind to recharge and get new ideas and inspirations.

  • Loosening up

    • When I get into blocks especially during a project, I take the stress out of the project. I see the project as something that will be ok if not perfect. I try to simplify what I am doing. I take the project and look at it in a different perspective. I take away the pressure to make something the next big thing.

  • Drawing inspiration from others

    • When frustrated I tend to look to others and get their input and also see what they have done. I look to family and friends to see their opinions on what would look good or where a piece should lead to. I look to other artists to see what they have done or the inspiration they have used.


Always remember that you cannot force creativity. It is and always will be a process that you will have to deal with, but do not let it control you. It is a necessary part of creating. It in my opinion forces new ideas, inspirations, and even processes that you would have never encountered.

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