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By Isakiel Griffin

People as a whole are always busy. We have so many responsibilities including: jobs, families, friends, pets, and many other things. This leaves people with not that much time for themselves. We don’t have time to focus on ourselves. This could lead to a lot of things including burnout, depression, and many other negative things. That is why it is important to have hobbies. 

Hobby is defined as an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. This could include: knitting, drawing, hiking, gardening, reading, yoga, swimming, and so much more. These activities all help to keep you feeling great both physically and mentally. 

  • Hobbies force you to take some time for yourself

  • People need to take time for themselves, and hobbies force you to do that. You have to concentrate on that activity freeing yourself from worry, stressfulness, and even sometimes pain from your life. 

  •  Hobbies provide a way to declutter your mind

  • People tend to have lots of things on their mind. That would include your job, friends, family, and so much more. Though it is not a bad thing to keep people, your job, and many important things on your mind, it is also not bad to stop thinking about those things for short periods of time.

  • Hobbies keep you in better physical health

  • Physical hobbies can be a great way to keep in shape. Hobbies such as gardening, hiking, dancing, yoga, sports or fitness can keep us active without the feeling of an obligatory trip to the gym. Turning exercise into a hobby will also have flow-on effects from increased confidence, increased energy levels and an overall increase in your physical health.

  • Hobbies can open up your world

  • Hobbies can bring you to new experiences and ideas of the world. These activities can show you how the world works, mainly with gardening. It can also show you how other cultures are, mainly with reading. 

Hobbies help with lots of the mental and physical health that we as humans need. 

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