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The Care And Feeding Of Websites

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

By Karen Kleinman

You’ve gotten your website up and running. Congratulations, because truly, the hard part is over! But don’t think you can just sit back and be done with your online presence. Not by a long shot!

I bet you’re asking yourself, “What do I have to do now?”

I’m glad you asked!

Once you have launched your website, you need to make sure it stays healthy. By that, I mean you need to check to make sure that your:

- Yearly domain information is up to date, so people can get in touch with you if needed.

- Domain is set as “locked”, to prevent unauthorized transfer & redirection.

- Domain automatically renews, so you don’t chance losing an important part of your branding.

- SEO is following suggested guidelines and reflects what your site its about, so your site can get found in search engines.

- Website is scheduled for periodic back-ups, including databases, in case you ever need to restore your site.

- Website is up to date and any updates, patches, and certificates have been installed, to keep your site healthy. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

It’s important because if you miss installing updates and patches, this could lead to your site malfunctioning, to stop working completely, being defaced or ransomed by hackers, and worst of all, compromising or loss of data that you may have collected.

Most all websites that run on a Content Management System (also called a CMS), like WordPress, Drupal, etc., need to be checked for updates to the core system and to any modules or plug-ins that have been installed. If the thought of doing upkeep on your site seems less enjoyable than sitting through a root canal, consider opting for a maintenance plan from your web developer or hosting provider.

Now that you have cared for your site, make sure your feed it!

Just like a pet, you must feed your site. Feed it new content to make your site essential to keep people coming back. Examples of good content are:

- Feature a new product with plenty of images or video.

- Write a blog entry every week.

- Make announcements.

- Highlight your team or feature a chosen customer.

- Introduce a special guest.

Happy, healthy, well-cared for websites are expected, so strive to provide the best experience to your customers. Keep them entertained, informed, and safe!

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