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Mental Health Matters

Written by Emily Neely

Mental health is important to acknowledge, but does not have to completely define you. Facing obstacles are completely normal, but you do not want to allow those obstacles to negatively impact your daily life. Our mental well-being is vital to our quality of life, and there are several resources and treatments available to help you through your journey:

• Seeking medical attention, through a therapist our counselor.

• Taking medication.

• Exercising, from cardio to yoga.

• Eating a healthy diet.

• Surrounding yourself with supportive people.

• Valuing yourself, make a list of your great qualities.

• Volunteering or beginning a new hobby.

Taking the first steps towards mental-wellness can seem intimidating, or even hopeless, but is the most important. Just remember what all you deserve: happiness, stability, reassurance, and so much more!

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