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Meet Mansell Media's Newest Team Member

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

By Barry Taylor II

Hi, my name is Barry Taylor II. I'm originally from Augusta, Georgia. Currently living in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm a very laid back person who enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with family. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and I'm currently working on my Bachelor's in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. Criminal justice is a very interesting field to go into and I've had a variety of jobs, from working for the Jackson Police Department to working for a bankruptcy and real estate law firm and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After a few years of working in the field, I decided that it was time for a career change.

 After doing a great deal of research, I chose Cybersecurity because it was a great challenge compared to what I was doing beforehand. Protecting systems, preventing hackers from stealing information sounds fun to me. Waging cyber warfare to me was like a game of chess, breaking things(inside Joke), and there is something very cool about doing things you know you shouldn't be able to do and having access to information the average person shouldn't have. I have a background as a Web Designer with 50 + projects, and I have a black belt in Hapkido and some training in other arts such as Muay Boran, Shaolin kungfu, and Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do.

During my time at Mensell Media I hope to learn a great deal from marketing to web development, so much more. I hope and pray that I will be a great asset to the company with the skill set that I bring for years to come.

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