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Importantance of Marketing in Sports

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

By Josh Hinkle

Ever since I was a child, I have been deeply fascinated with sports. Whether it was the kick of a ball or my favorite player scoring the winning touchdown, I could never find a dull moment. I grew up playing soccer all my life and even went on to play college soccer for a couple of years until I decided to start pursuing my career. I was truly in love with sports and how it brought everyone together whether it was in the stadium or at home in the living room.

As I began to focus on my career in marketing, I realized how marketing is extremely important in the sports world. Marketing has helped sports become one of the most profitable industries in the whole world. Not only does a sports team need to perform on the field or court, but it is also important they can perform in the marketing field to help grow their brand to new levels.

In a world that is growing more and more with technology, Marketing has created many advantages for sports teams. It can help increase ticket sales by advertising and providing promotions each week through billboards ads, television ads, and social media ads. It can help boost merchandise sales and concession sales. It can also help form sponsorships and partnerships to help increase revenue for a sports team to continue to grow. Overall it is important for sports teams to make their brand well-known to a specific target audience and help consumers build loyalty with their brand.

Overall, marketing has changed and is continuing to grow in the sports world today. Before technology began exploding rapidly, a sports team would use marketing techniques such as posters and through word of mouth. Now in today's age, there are thousands of new ways to market your team through new forms of technology. In summary, marketing is one of the fastest ways of growing a team's revenue and creating an advantage through unique and creative methods of promotion and advertising and without it a team can get left behind.

Josh Hinkle

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