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Creating With Intention

by Stone Vincent

Developing a successful brand presence is about so much more than what looks good. It’s about what emotions your content evokes, the people it touches, and the actions it inspires. The color palette, the logo design, your slogan, your tone of voice, even the font choice, must effectively communicate important information about your product/service to your consumers.

You may have heard of the use of color psychology in fast food chain branding. Many fast food chains utilize two key colors; red and yellow. They don’t pick these colors just because they look nice together. Yellow and orange tones are said to evoke the sensation of hunger, and red feelings of passion and emotion. The theory is that the two in combination will make you “passionately hungry”. This goes to show that even relatively minute decisions make a massive impact on how your brand is perceived.

A good rule of thumb: If someone with no knowledge about your brand can’t take a quick look at your social media page or website and immediately understand your product or service, you don’t have a successful brand presence. Ask yourself; What do I need my consumers to know? Who am I trying to reach? How do I want them to feel? What actions do I want them to take?

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to establishing an effective presence both online and off. It’s important that your content be visually appealing, but it means little to nothing if there is no intention behind the content you are generating. When your foundation is solid and the content you produce aligns with your brand values and qualities, you’ll become more memorable to consumers.

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