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Why Brand Awareness and Strategy is Key

By Maria Franks

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” - Jonah Sachs

I came to Mansell Media with a strong IT background and a very light understanding of Marketing Strategy. Since being here, I’ve learned a lot about the Advertising & Marketing world from the very talented MM Team. Something that has stuck with me and something I will always make sure to implement in campaigns and branding, is something that is unique and consistent to the specific brand I am working with.

The key to keeping your brand ingrained in customers (or potential customers!) mind, is creating something consistent and valuable. That could be a message, a mission statement, or even just a simple and consistent hashtag! Placing yourself on the customer side when analyzing a campaign or strategy is key as well. What may seem like gold from the creators standpoint, may not translate well on the customer/client side.

Every advertisement, campaign, graphic, web page, etc. should be viewed as a piece to a puzzle. When all of It comes together on the customer/client side, a complete, clear, and whole view of your brand should be present.

Without this, your brand and image is just simply unremarkable and may be passed over for something a little more memoriable….

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