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The Importance of BRANDING

Most people don't really know what all branding entails. Unless you have a strong love for all things marketing and design, you probably don't put much thought into it. But if you are a business owner, large or small, it's super important.

As a graphic designer and Art Director at Mansell Media, branding means everything and it's alway in the back of my head. When I think of a successful "BIG BRAND," the almighty Chick-fil-A comes to mind (those waffle fries, tho). Think about this restaurant for a minute... what are the first thoughts that enter your mind?

For me, I think of friendly employees, silly cows that can't spell, and the fact they are closed on Sundays and that's usually the day I crave it the most. The graphic designer in me thinks about their ingenious's a chicken's head made from the letter "C"! It's catchy and incredibly memorable. Ask a three year old who can't read if they know what that logo is for...

A TON of work went into developing every detail of the Chick-fil-A brand, and I applaud them for it! They have successfully built TRUST with their audience and if you ask yourself why that is.... it has so much to do with their strong brand.

I love the CONSISTENCY of their designs. Lot's of red and white, beautiful photography, simple & timeless fonts... Browse through their Facebook and Instagram photos and you'll see exactly what I mean. I admire their high quality, eye catching content. I can count on Chick-fil-A to not make my eyes twitch when I see a poster hanging up somewhere or when a Facebook post crosses my feed. I can imagine the design standards are pretty strict, but it definitely pays off! They are set in place for a reason.

The overall atmosphere is as consistent as the design. I get warm, fuzzy feelings just thinking about walking through the doors of my local Chick-fil-A. I can expect a smiling face greet me, clean and simple decor, and happy customers all around. I also think of "family -friendly"...a place where I can bring the kids and there are no worries. (The fresh flowers on each table are such a great touch!)

There are many things that go into pulling a brand together. Consistency with each is the key. When talking with my clients and discussing the design aspects, I recommend picking a few fonts and sticking with them. We might decide on a color scheme and photography style. I love to get a feel for all other aspects of their branding. I tell my clients to ask themselves a few questions...What do you want people to THINK when they see you posts on Social Media? Find the tone you want to you want it to be cheesy? serious? sentimental? catchy? When someone walks through the doors of your business, how do you want people to FEEL? Energized, warm and fuzzy, encouraged? YOU can create those thoughts and feelings for your audience.

I work hard to develop a consistent brand with each of my accounts because I understand it's importance. It might take some time, sometimes a complete overhaul or re-design. It's never too late to get on track with branding. If your business is in need of a little branding advice, I'd love to talk with you and give you some simple ideas to start with! Feel free to email me at

Carrie Chennault,

Art Director

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