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Tips To Use When Thinking About Rebranding Your Social Media Account for 2020!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Rebranding your business can be stressful and involves a little more than just changing your business name or getting a new logo with a fancy new font.

It also requires you to do quite a bit of work and to change your marketing style. Specifically, changing how you market, promote, and brand your business on social media.

Here are a few simple tips that I find important when marketing your re-brand on social media.

  1. Accept opinions and ideas from your marketing team. This is what they do every day! They know how social media works and can give their input on what your customer may like.

  2. Sneak Previews. We love nothing more than a good video/photo reader! Use them to regain the interest of your customers/followers and even bring on new ones!

  3. Listen to the feedback of your audience! Although it may hurt and be negative, it also gives you ideas on how to change it up and make improvements. Also, it’s FREE insight on what your customer/audience likes!

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