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Now What...?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

by Emily Katherine Dacus

Well, I’m about a week away from graduating with my BFA in Studio Art from MC. I took on my job at Mansell Media as a social media manager as a part-time job that fit easily with my class schedule. It’s been good, and a good occupation for someone my age and experience.

Well, now summer (as well as my summer class) has nearly come and gone, and, to put it bluntly... now what? I know we all have our ideas of how life is SUPPOSED to go. I feel like I’m supposed to do certain things right now. Make major changes, take big steps, etc. And so many people have asked me, what are your plans after graduation? Work? MFA? Are you going to move elsewhere? Live with your parents? How do you feel now?

Well, for the moment, I’m definitely staying here. Doing everything I have been doing until something spectacularly better comes up. And I think that’s good advice for anyone my age, at this point in life: do what you’ve been doing until you run into something better. Don’t take anything for granted, and take any opportunity you get. Right now, I’m taking advantage of this awesome opportunity with Mansell Media, and it’s a pretty good place to be, I’ll say.

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