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Humor Has It

First of all... I'm here to call out the RUMORS that Facebook is dying. If you haven't heard the rumors, you can do a little Google search and you'll find a ton of articles about how this platform is making it's way to the grave and platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp are going to replace it. Yes, Youtube and Instagram are growing, but by no means does that make Facebook dead. Mark Zuckerberg posted on June 27th when the platform reached 2 BILLION users. 2 BILLION FACEBOOKERS! So there's that... It's still growing and more users are joining everyday!

Second of all...a little bit of HUMOR goes a long way! I recently posted this on The Froghead Grill's Facebook page, and I can't help but laugh every time I see a new comment or share. What's better than a battle of the brands? This post proved to me that not only is Facebook not dying, people are here for humor (among many other reasons to be on Facebook).

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