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3 Basic Steps to Taking Product Photos

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

by Lindsey Hilton

1. Choose a Clean Background

There are many different backgrounds you can use for taking product photos. Some may use an actual backdrop, a roll of paper, or as I sometimes do, a basic white foam board. You can find a white foam board at your local arts & craft store. There are also a lot of options on Amazon which can be used such as small light boxes! The space you use for your photo will mainly depend on the size of your product and the type of background you want. The less clutter the better, this is why I usually opt for a clean white background. However, lot of the time you might have to improvise. Picture #4 above was taken with a light box purchased off of Amazon! The rest were all improvised. The sunglasses (Picture #1) were taken on the shelf they were displayed on. The Jewelry (Picture #2) was taken on a piece of paper on top of a counter. And Picture #3 was taken on a counter top at a store! It was a white counter top with a white wall in the far back.

2. Find Natural Light

Natural light is important. It adds light and creates a soft look unlike the harsh use of a flash! Windows are always a great source for natural light. Both the pictures of the sunglasses and the jewelry were taken next to a window! Using natural light fills in shadows whereas a flash can create them. Sometimes i find myself just finding a spot outside that isn’t in direct sunlight!

3. Use Different Angles

It’s good to take pictures straight on, but it doesn’t always fit the look you’re searching for. Always use multiple angles so that when editing, you have a lot to choose from. Create close up images, but also try taking some that leave negative space around the product. Stand on a stool or get above the product to take a downward angle picture. There is also the layflat angle. This is placing an object flat on the ground and taking the picture completely from above like Picture #2! There are many different options. Don’t limit yourself to just one!

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