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The Truth on Facebook as it Stands Today

You have probably heard on the news that Facebook is struggling. People are deleting Facebook. Those statements are simply 100% untrue. I wanted to walk you thru the

recent numbers that tell the true story.

On Tuesday, (4-24-18) Facebook released its first quarter numbers. They are impressive. The number of people who log into Facebook at least once a month hit 2.2 Billion as of March 31st. That is a 13% increase over a year ago. That represent growth of 70 million new active user in the last 3 months despite the rumors and even the #deletefacebook movement!

People who visit the service every day also rose 13% to 1.45 billion people. So, 66% of Facebook's monthly active users go to the platform daily!

Do I believe I could be writing a blog in the future where I am recommending we shift budgets to another platform. Absolutely. It could even be a platform that does not exist today. But, for May of 2018,

Facebook is still the monster in the room.

To Compare

Facebook Monthly Active Users: 2.2 Billion

Instagram Monthly Active Users: 9 million

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