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10 YEARS and Counting

April is a big month for me! April 22nd marks 10 years I have been at Mansell Media!

It all started when my boss at the YMCA began advertising with The Clinton Courier and had a conversation with Clay about Social Media Marketing. She made some connections and encouraged me to talk to Clay and set up an interview - I needed to put my Graphic Design degree to use!

The interview was all pretty informal and I feel like Clay and I had a great conversation - I was hired for the job after all!

I started that next week. At the time, our office was at 402 Monroe St. and the back conference room became my work space. I occupied a chair at the table about 2 hours each morning. My first accounts for Mansell Media were Mississippi Discount Drugs and The Pelahatchie News. Back then, Facebook looked way different and was definitely a lot simpler. I had to dig around Google to remember some things, but 2021 was a HUGE year for this platform.

• Facebook filed to become a public company in February

• There were one billion active users (600 million were mobile)

• They bought Instagram in April

• The Facebook App Center was introduced

• Advertising on Facebook boomed with mobile ads program

With my few hours a day helping Clay manage these accounts, we were able to pick up a few more and before long, I had a full-time position. I got to use my Graphic Design skills to work on digital graphics and I also dabbled in some ads for the newspapers. I eventually moved out of the conference room and into my own office space. We hired a new employee, and then another, and another, and eventually became a full-service marketing agency. We were all learning together, rolling with the changes and transitions these mega platforms threw at us.

In my 10 years at Mansell Media, I’ve learned a lot. Like a lot a lot. I’ve had some really fun accounts, some that made me use more of my brain than I wanted. A few of my accounts have been with me from the very beginning - 10 years of managing their Social Media, taking photos at their events, watching their businesses grow and evolve. In these past 10 years, I’ve gained some really great friends - whether they were coworkers, clients or just people I’ve met along the way. I’m thankful for 10 years and can honestly say I enjoy what I do. Every day is very different, and I think that is what keeps things so interesting and fun!

Here’s to 10 more, Mansell Media.

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