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Creative Blockage… and how to overcome it!

By: Maria Franks

What’s creative blockage you ask? It’s what it sounds like… when you run out of creative ideas and cannot generate anymore at the given moment.

It happens to everyone at least once: even writers, creatives, designers, and just about anyone who must portray a complex story, request, thought, or idea across in a creative and imaginative way.

Personally, I get creative blockage a lot. You can occasionally find me wandering around the office & outside for a few moments, attempting to grab at bits of inspiration.

With that being said… here is how I have personally gotten over my own bouts of creative blockage:

Confront the block. Pet passed away? Current task too tedious? Issues with your partner? Assess yourself entirely first. It’s quite possible that something else entirely may be keeping you distracted.

Step away. You can always step away from the task for just a moment. Fresh eyes always see new possibilities!

Carry a notepad, or a sketch pad. For someone with a very active mind, this works great for me. It’s an easy way to capture mid-day ideas or even solutions that can be used in the future!

Move onto an entirely different task. Often, switching the areas of the brain used can help a lot by stimulating rested parts and forcing you to assess something in a different way.

If nothing seems to work… just make sure to keep a good routine along with staying OUT of your comfort zone. Both are proven to be perfect at fostering creativity and innovation.

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