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Creating Content When There is “No Content”.

by Kyoshi Richardson

Social media content creation is the foundation of any and every social media strategy, and without it there is nothing like share, buy, or promote. When you have a business, product, city or brand, it seems that there is always something that you can post. Since working here at Mansell Media, I found that sometimes I am just out of ideas, or I don’t have enough content from my clients to post. So, in this blog post, I want to suggest things that I found helpful when I was fresh out of ideas, or feeling that I was promoting the same thing, and posting the same content.

Let’s be honest here, when first starting on managing an account, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, the ideas just come out of nowhere; everyday it's something new, cool, creative, and bright. You have so many ideas that you literally can make not one, but two posts a day on the same account! But then, there comes a point where those ideas stop coming as fast, and you find yourself staring at a blank Canva template waiting for an idea to come. Y'all, this is me some days. Especially, when I want to create something that doesn’t look or sound like the things that I usually post, something that will cause followers to not only share, but comment and invite others to check out what’s on going on the page. It is here in these moments that I came up with somewhat of a list from the perspective of outside looking in of what I would want to see if I followed this page or was interested in using this business or product.

So here it goes, ways to create content when it seems that there is no content:

  1. Behind the scenes photos: How is that made? What do they actually do in that office? What does it take to prepare for something like this? How did they train that dog to do that? Is that easy to do? Answer the questions that you’ve found yourself wondering on the social media pages of others, if you want to know that about their business, brand, or product, don’t you think that there’s someone wondering the same as that about yours?

  2. Throwback photos: In the words of Drake, "Started from the bottom now we’re here."

  3. Workspace photo: What does your office space look like? Where is your office today? What are you working on or up too?

  4. Share a blog post: Hello! Look how you’re reading this one! Tell me this doesn’t work.

  5. Recycle: Give your old content a new look, and a new caption.

  6. Short Videos: Create teasers, videos answering those FAQs, or just show your face sometimes!

  7. Share your location: Not literally but let them know what your business looks like. Make your brand, business, or product easy to identify.

  8. Share events: Not only the ones that you are having but local ones that you are attending.

I know that creating content is sometimes very challenging, even for the best of writers! Use the eight ideas above to help you start writing in times of content drought. Never forget that your content should always be engaging.

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