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3 Reasons Social Media Is Important For Your Small Business

It’s surprising how many small businesses don’t see social media as a pillar of importance when it comes to their digital strategy. Digital marketing is more than a website, a google my business profile, digital ads, and email marketing. Social media marketing is important, and in light of recent years, the future.

Social media is here to stay and your audience and potential audience is using it. Consumers today like to stay connected and plugged in - keeping the businesses they frequent on their timelines. Social media keeps you on the top of your consumers minds and here’s 3 reasons why:

1. To put a face to a name

Your brand is important. Your social media is an extension of that brand. You can let consumers know who you are and exactly what you’re about through your social media presence. Your social media platforms provide them with consistent information about your business, latest products, key offers, and how you match up against competitors.

2. To use your voice

Having a social media platform gives you creative control over how consumers view your brand. Consumers are attracted to businesses with personality and heart. It is important to be transparent and take a humanistic approach. Show behind the scenes of how your company operates, introduce the employees, and show the consumer just how much you care about the community around them.

3. To create a connection

Providing a space where your customers can leave feedback is important to building loyalty, trust, and more importantly customer care. Social media allows their questions and concerns to reach you quickly and publicly, allowing for other customers to see the quality of your customer service, and in return boost your online reputation.

Take the time today to assess your social media presence. One investment in a successful social media campaign could change the trajectory of your digital footprint.

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