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How Do I Market On Social Media During COVID-19?

There's no lie that this virus has seriously affected our lives both personally and economically. People are literally losing their jobs every day, risking their lives at their jobs, adjusting to working from home, teaching their kids from home, attending law school (college in general) from home, and numerous other things. Businesses are really being hit hard, many have been forced to close and others are looking around for their next move. For some, this next move is the question : How can I market my business during a time like this?

Thousands of businesses use social media as a form of marketing to do things like show off product, promote sales, and show business growth. But during a time when people are literally focused on buying groceries, cleaning supplies, and let’s just put it out their toilet paper and hand sanitizer, how can they draw attention back to their product?

During my time in this quarantine, I’ve compiled a small list of things that I feel will help businesses move product and keep customers through social media marketing. Lots of things on this list, are what have personally drawn my attention to purchase numerous items online over the past few weeks. Because of the number of packages sitting on at my front door daily, I feel strongly that these items may work. 1. Animated graphics: There’s nothing like seeing a moving arrow on a still image pointing to something I didn’t know I didn’t needed.

2. Video testimonials: There’s something about how great it worked for them, that made me think about how awesome it would work for me.

3. One Day Online Sales: Something about a good deal and a deadline makes me feel like I must get it now.

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