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Advantages of Ad Manager

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

by Brittany Mitchell

If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, you know that the platform is constantly changing and rolling out new features – the FB team knows how to keep advertisers on their toes. One of my duties as a marketing director is to stay current on these changes to ensure we are optimizing our marketing strategies and budgets.

One area I have recently become “obsessed” with is Facebook Ads Manager. Every social media manager in existence should be familiar with this tool, but what some of them might not know is how to really “dig deep” into this program to maximize reach, engagement and ROI for their clients! Ads Manager allows you to “boost” your clients’ campaign on an entirely different level! This basically means you can create multiple ads within one campaign, and it has the potential of being placed in up to 20 different areas of Facebook and Instagram – cross-promotion as its finest (this makes my inner nerd extremely happy 😉)!

Here are a few of the areas your ad can be placed when using Ads Manager:

• Mobile and Desktop Newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram

• Facebook and Instagram Stories

• Audience Network

• Suggested (In-stream) Video

• Mobile Marketplace

• Facebook Messenger

This list goes on…. Honestly, I could talk about this subject forever… but I’ll spare you all the nerdy details, haha!

All in all, I gotta be honest with ya… there are some tricks of the trade when using Ads Manager. But not to worry, Mansell Media has some tricks up our sleeve 😉 We’d love to market your business in the best ways possible. Give us call!

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