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The Power of Font in Marketing

by Emily Neely

Marketing is about grabbing people's attention and convincing them of your service or product, and the right type of font could make or break that effort. Fonts can create an emotional reaction to the message, and elicit a desired response. For example, bold and dynamic fonts usually convey excitement or urgency, encouraging consumers to take immediate action. Eye-catching fonts include: "Arial Black", "Bungee", "Impact", and "Balbum." However, if you are advertising a formal event, a sleek serif or even cursive font would be appropriate. For example, "Alex Brush" is a cursive font and "Bodoni 72" is a serif font, but both convey sophistication due to the simplicity of their lines.

Exploring new and fun fonts can be exciting, but make sure the font is legible and fitting to the given message. For instance, "HWT Arabesque" and "Tan Moonlight" appear interesting, but the various curves and sudden changes in width can make it difficult to read. 

Marketing fonts are able to captivate and shape perceptions. Their roles are vital in regards to advertising, conveying messages, and creating brand identities. Picking the right font for your advertisement leaves a lasting impression, so choose wisely! 

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