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Stone Vincent - The newest on the Mansell Media Team!

by Stone Vincent

Hi all! My name is Stone and I’m super excited to introduce myself as the newest graphic designer / social media manager for Mansell Media.

A little bit about myself; I’m a visual artist, Earth fanatic, biomaterial grower, traveler, and animal advocate. I’m also a recent grad school graduate, having studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at Mississippi State University for the past four years.

After working in the fashion industry for the past several years, doing everything from retail to modeling to sustainable textile design, I really found my place in visual communications. I truly love the work that I do, as it allows me to be creative in ways that foster growth in my community. Local business are the backbone of our society, and being able to use my skills to support them is an absolute dream.

In my free time you’ll likely find me gardening, creating an art piece, taking barefoot walks through the woods, going to brunch, cooking plant based meals, or having in depth conversations with my animals. I could also be spending some quality time with my beautiful, amazing family who have really given me all the support throughout the years.

I’m looking forward to all that’s to come during my time with Mansell Media. This is a really awesome organization that couldn’t be more proud to be a part of.

Nice to meet you!

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