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Outsourced Marketing or In-House Marketing: What’s Best For Your Business?

by Doris Bynum, COO of Mansell Media

In case I've not introduced myself before, HELLO! My name is Doris, and I was Mansell Media's Office Manager and Google Ads expert, but I have just recently been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Mansell Enterprises.

It's a new position, so we are still figuring out what it actually looks like, but it's been fun learning and transitioning.

However, do not fear, as I am still very much involved in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, but learning so much more.

Within Mansell Enterprises, I am over MANY different businesses, including Mansell Media, 9 hyper-local newspapers, 2 self storage facilities, a mobile home park, 3 Pretzel shops, a Dippin Dots franchise, a Card My Yard franchise, and....I'm probably missing others! HA.

Part of my job is to find ways to help the Mansell Media employees do their jobs, and do them great! But first what do social media managers do? From content generation to analysis and more, social media managing requires a range of skills and abilities.

Here's a great checklist from Buffer that show what all Social Media Managers should do when handling their accounts:

How much time does your business currently spend on your social media management? As you can see, Social Media Managers have an enormous amount of tasks they should be doing on a daily basis. That is why it is pretty important that I find solutions or programs to help prioritize our social media manager tasks and help them manage their time to be able to grow their accounts daily.

Heres is a small list of resources our social media managers use on a daily basis:

  • Canva

  • Dropbox

  • Cloud Campaign

  • Adobe

  • Facebook's Creator Studio

  • Google Drive

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Planner

  • Tweetdeck

  • and many more!

I believe the most important part about being a Social Media Manager is being incredibly organized. Keeping an updated content calendar and planning out posts will help with time management.

Now to today’s big question, should your business hire an agency or keep it all internal? It’s definitely not an easy decision for most. For in-house marketing, you’ll have to find someone with the right experience, skill set, and attitude; it also requires time to manage and money to pay the individual.

Hiring an agency will still require the money, but it allows you to work with a group of specialists that know what they are doing, and will often improve your return on investment. You have to make the best decision for your company, here are several things to consider when deciding.

In-house vs Outsourced Marketing

Why Small Businesses Gain the Most from Outsourcing Advertising and Marketing Efforts

Small businesses are frequently limited in terms of cash, time, and resources. It's no different when it comes to marketing your small business; most people don't have the funds to hire someone with sufficient marketing knowledge for their particular product or service. As a result, it makes sense to outsource this task to a marketing firm that knows what they're doing.

Outsourcing gives you access to multiple levels of support and experience at once, often for less than the cost of a full-time employee. Hiring an agency brings together a team of experts who specialize in diverse areas, such as marketing strategy, SEO, SEM, content creation, graphic design, web development, technical support, social media, and more, based on your individual needs.

Even if you only have one part-time employee working on marketing, you can rest assured that all of your bases are covered. For a small firm, having a coordinated team effort focused on marketing may be invaluable.

5 Things To Consider When Deciding Between In-house and Outsourced Marketing

Both in-house and outsourced marketing offer advantages, but both have their drawbacks:

1. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring an agency or consultant may save you money in the long run. When recruiting outside the organization, however, there may be a higher upfront cost.

In-house applicants with experience will expect top dollar.

2. Time: Small businesses operate in a fast-paced environment. Time is of the importance at all times. Your work could be queued for a period of time if the agency also handles other clients. In-house marketers that are attempting to cover the entire effort may face both time and financial constraints.

3. Talent: When choosing an agency or outsourced marketing partner for your company's marketing efforts, inquire about their knowledge of your industry. Remember to inquire about their previous experience working on projects comparable to yours. If you decide to hire someone in-house, take a thorough look at their competence – what level of comfort and experience do they have? Someone with a strong resume who fails to apply their skills to your company's specific requirements may not be a good fit.

4. Marketing expertise: Agencies must demonstrate to their clients that their efforts are yielding results. This necessitates a strong understanding of marketing. Most agencies have enough people to handle all parts of a project, including branding, web design and development, SEO, SEM, social media, and so on. An in-house employee, on the other hand, may just have one piece of the puzzle.

5. Flexibility: Outsourced marketing agencies are frequently more willing to collaborate with you on marketing strategy changes. They also provide your firm with new and innovative ideas, views, tools, and resources. An in-house marketer's experience may be restricted, limiting what they may accomplish.

Let Mansell Media help your business thrive by outsourcing your marketing. Mansell Media offers a team of professional and experienced marketers who can assist your business in realizing its full potential. Our marketing gurus can handle any or all of your marketing needs.

Branding, website design and development, UX/UI, marketing strategy, content creation, SEO, social media outreach/management, email marketing, and more are some of our specialties.

We've helped hundreds of clients start or build a profitable presence, and we can do the same for you. Check out all of our services and get in touch with us right now to see what we can do for you.

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