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Meet Our New Intern

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

By Maria Franks

Hey there! I’m the new intern.

I am a little nervous about writing my first blog post... but here we go:

My name is Maria, and I am the (second) newest intern at Mansell Media. I am studying for my B.Sc. in Computer Science at Mississippi College. Why Computer Science you ask? I love to solve problems.

In our physical world, there are things that we cannot do. We have limits (physical limits that is). With computing, there are zero limitations to what you can do, and the only thing limiting you and your ability is yourself. I personally resonate with the concepts that programming holds as well, as they run side by side with the principles of life I find of value.

Compiler throws an error? You have a couple of options, if not every option. It may take some time to figure it out and you just might not see the problem outright. Despite massive frustration and the urge to throw your computer out of the window, you still can’t give up. This is your program that you wrote, that you gave purpose to, and you are the one who knows it best. Sometimes the error is something small such as a misplaced letter, sometimes it’s very large like a sequence issue or you flat out did not know what you were doing and just jumped right into it. Your goal is for it to just run. For it to just work. You can always fill in the gaps later, spruce it up a little, add some more. But you cannot continue forward unless it works.

Not every error is an easy fix, but you always have an option and there is always an answer. And you are always 100% in control of the limitations you choose to put on yourself. There are going to be hundreds if not thousands more compilation errors in your (lifetime) of programming. It’s up to you what mindset you choose to adopt.

Maria Franks

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