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Reaching Millennials

I have long been a fan of direct mail. Direct Mail is not the perfect fit for every business or campaign, but direct mail does offer impressive results when used correctly.

When we look at our internal research and results and that of many different direct mail companies, it is hard to find results that do not put direct mail at the top for response rates when compared to e-mail, paid search or online ads. We like to have that piece of paper in our hands and then it serves as a mini billboard riding in our purse or car for the next week.

Another plus, and I will steal this headline from a source I was just reading, Millennial "dig" them. They showed Quad Graphics Customer Focus Research that showed Millennial ignoring up to 50% of other media, while only 15% say they ignore direct mail.

Before we make any adjustments to budgets, direct mail is expensive but effective. It also does not operate as a solo marketing plan. Your current marketing plan would work with Direct Mail for an effective marketing campaign.

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