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Some Events require more than an Event page on Facebook

By Susalyn Bennett

Every customer is unique and each deserves their own special treatment when it comes to promoting their business or organization. One of the customers I have the pleasure of promoting has several brick and mortar retail stores that carry hundreds of varied products and are staffed by skilled and friendly individuals who provide assistance with purchases and perform a number of services on-site. The company has a significant online presence as well. It is very challenging and fun to work for them!

The first quarter of their year includes promotions to introduce customers to new products, provide helpful “How-To’s” and help their customers get ready for Spring.

One such promotion is their annual Spring Open House Sales Event for outdoor power equipment (mowers, trimmers, blowers…) held in March. Mansell Media’s role involved the following.

Before the year began, we began posting “teasers” about some of the new 2023 models and exciting new features.

We met with the customer in January and nailed down particulars for the March event.

Our customer wished to add some updated signage to their stores in advance of the event and distribute special gift cards rewarding individuals who purchase a zero turn mower. We created print-ready designs for the new signage and gift cards.

One activity held during the week-long event was an invitation-only, after-hours crawfish and shrimp boil for “commercial cutters” who’ve shopped with the business in the past, complete with demos of new models, a tour of the facilities and vendor swag. We designed printed invitations and addressed them by hand. All other activities during the open house week are open to the public.

Two weeks prior to the event, we set up an Event on Facebook and began sharing posts on Social Media. We posted an update to their Google business profile as well. Posts were “boosted” on Facebook and Instagram.

Two days prior to the event, we sent an e-blast newsletter to customer contacts who’d expressed an interest in outdoor power equipment.

Radio spots were running on a few local stations before and during the event. We had digital ads running too. Unlike previous years, the radio spots and digital ads did not focus specifically on the open house event, but generated interest and excitement for the new 2023 models.

Photos and video clips were captured during the private event, the first day of the public sale, and shared on social media. Some shoppers don’t wish to be photographed but others absolutely love it and their happy faces are priceless! The posts that have the best organic reach and receive the most positive reactions usually include photos of our customer’s employees and their customers who are shopping with them.

And now it’s time to answer: What worked and what didn’t? How can we improve next time? Is our customer happy with the results?

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