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Review Service


Looking for a way to get more Reviews? Let Mansell Media help with our Review service!

With our Review service, you supply your customer's contact info and we set up a contact method that will prompt them to leave a review for your business.

Our Review service also helps to turn bad reviews into good reviews! 

If your customer had an unpleasant experience, a form prompts them to tell you more about what happened and gives you the ability to remedy the negative experience and retain an important customer and future sales. 

Email Form Preview

The Review service also helps to improve your business's SEO to be able to rank higher in search engine results:

- Improved Search Engine Rankings from positive reviews. Ranking systems often reward sites that have more recent positive reviews.

- Increased click-through rates from high-quality reviews and positive ratings.


- Enhanced Reputation and Credibility from reviews act as social proof that established trustworthiness and credibility. That in turn attracts more users and improves your website's authority.


- Long-tail keyword optimization via user-generated reviews contain valuable keywords & phrases related to your products or services that are used as search terms.

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