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Rolling with platform changes: Facebook style

Written by Maria Franks

As we all know, improvement just doesn’t come about. It requires change. And Facebook has been making big changes. For all of us at MM, it’s been a massive headache.

It’s also been a good lesson for me on how to roll with the punches.

Here’s what’s gotten me through:

1. Subscribing to reputable social media publications and tips

This has been a total game changer when it comes to smoothly surviving the changes. There are many experts out there who keep tabs on Facebook's ups and downs… to assist marketers with understanding Facebook's ever changing vision.

2. Ask for help

Luckily I am surrounded with people who know the game already, and have more experience than I when it comes to platform changes of all types. Never be afraid to ask for help… more than likely someone else is stuck as well.

3. Log into your accounts and see what’s going on

Sounds obvious right? Well, there’s a good chance that during platform changes, some of your content may get broken or skewed… or never even published! It is important to keep an extra close eye on everything just in case.

Most importantly just breathe. It's agitating… but the end result and improved functionality is very very worth it.

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