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What Makes 24/7 Live Chat So Powerful?​

Here are 7 reasons why Live Chat Software is right for your website!

1. Ditch The Forms & Dive Into Real Conversations

With 24/7 Live Chat on your website, any conversation can be an immediate lead conversion. Instead of traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on contact us forms and follow-ups, we connect & engage your visitors in real-time.

2. Get More Leads From the Traffic You Already Have

The average website converts at 1%! We can 3X this by using the power of REAL CONVERSATIONS 24/7 that represents your brand. People buy & engage with people, not Contact Us forms!

3. You Focus on Closing, We Focus on Qualifying Leads for You

We'll qualify the leads for you & only connect you with serious buyers who wish to engage or buy from you. This will help you focus more on closing.

4. Get On The Phone With Your Visitors In Real Time

Once a visitor has started a chat with us, we offer to connect them to your staff phone Line in real-time. This feature enables you to start talking with the visitor on the phone while they are literally browsing your website & a live agent. This BLOWS away the conversion numbers!

5. Capture Visitors Browsing After Business Hours

30% of the Leads we capture are outside of normal business Hours. The internet doesn't sleep & neither do we. Visitors checking your website outside normal hours get converted fast by having a conversation with our Live Agents.

6. Don't Pay Us Anything Upfront!
You don't need to pay us upfront or buy chat credits. Use our services first, then get a Post Paid Billing Invoice at the end of the month. All Credit cards accepted.

7. Custom Developer Support
If you require a Custom 24/7 Live Chat Experience, our Heroic Development Team is ready to modify the Chat Widget, User Experience & Live Chat Flow as needed.

Ready to get started?  Chat with one of our live agents now or fill out the form below.

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