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Mansell Media assists Non Profits with Google Ads Grants

Do you work for, involved with or know someone connects to a non-profit? Mansell Media can help them receive and manage the Google Ad Grant.

The Google Ad Grant program is a $10,000 in-kind grant that Google awards to nonprofits to be used for advertising on Google’s platform. The program was designed to help nonprofits increase visibility for their organization. The ads are Pay Per Click (PPC) ads that nonprofits can use to drive targeted traffic to their sites.

Nonprofits that qualify for the Google Ads Grant will get USD 10,000 in in-kind Google Ads advertising every month. 

Here are some items our service covers:

1.  We will apply for the grant for you.

2.  Post ads that are relevant to what your consumers are looking for. 

3.  Select keywords related to an ad and put them into themed ad groups to show ads related to those keywords.  Use Google's Keyword Planner to assist. 

4.  Separate the ad groups into campaigns to allocate the budget to the topics that are most important or time sensitive.  

5.  Write no less than 3 compelling ads per ad group. Make these ads relevant to the keywords in that ad group. The ads will rotate and prioritize the ads that are performing better than others in the ad group.

6.  When creating the ad, we will use short, non-repetitive sentences while featuring the unique aspects of your organization and service.

Give us a call today to get your monthly grant money! 601-339-2040

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