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Facebook Ads - Audiences for Detailed Targeting when Boosting Posts

By Brittany Mitchell

Recently, Facebook has created a "smart audience" under the detailed targeting section when boosting posts. It's set as a default option they suggesting to better reach their customers. I've noticed that oftentimes, the location for the "smart audience" is set for the United States(US). If you’re a singer/songwriter or online store, that would be fine. However, most of the clients we work with are local businesses, so boosting content to the entire US isn’t the best way to reach their potential clientele. Each time we begin working with a new client, we create specific target audiences based around the products/services the business offers. This audiences are tailored to the type of individuals they are – these audiences consist of specific location, age, behaviors, and interests.

To give you an example, here are some screenshots of the “smart audience” and the audiences we created for a client – they are a local roofing company. In the first screenshot, you'll see the “smart audience” Facebook defaults to is very random and has nothing to do with the audience they are wanting to reach. The second screenshot is the audience we created for this business to promote ads based on who they what to connect with.

"Smart Audience" Facebook defaults to:

The audience that should be selected based on their target market:

It’s very important to create audiences to ensure you’re reaching your ideal target audience. If you don’t, you might be pushing your ads out to individuals who don’t see your product/service of value to them, and you’re wasting your marketing dollars… and let’s be real, no one wants to do that!!

Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about creating detailed target audiences to reach your target market! 601-339-2040

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