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Business Development

Business Development

At Mansell Media, we provide comprehensive business development services for both new and established businesses. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs are passionate about helping business owners succeed. If you’re struggling to achieve the results you want, let us guide you and offer suggestions on how to meet and exceed your goals.

Entrepreneurs, Clay Mansell and Randy Jackson, have been friends for the last 25+ years and have worked both together and independently to start, manage, grow, and sell many businesses. With the first-hand, personal experience that we have gained over the years, we’ll work with you to identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you develop a customized strategy to achieve your goals.

Give us a call at 601.990.9511 to schedule an appointment to get your business on the right track to profitability!

Meet Our Entrepreneur

Clay Mansell

Meet Clay

Originally from Madison County, Clay moved to Clinton in 1997 to attend Mississippi College and earned a degree in Business Administration. He and his wife of twenty-one years, Amanda Puryear, decided to stay in Clinton after college and start our family. They have three children: Annabelle (15), Bentlee (9) and Grayson (2), and attend Morrison Heights Baptist Church.

Clay Mansell is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for driving success in the business world. As a devoted family man, Clay finds joy in balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with the fulfillment of family life. With a keen eye for opportunities and a strategic mindset, he has successfully navigated the complexities of the business landscape.

Clay's journey in entrepreneurship has been marked by a commitment to seeing businesses thrive. Whether it's through innovative strategies, fostering strong team dynamics, or identifying market trends, Clay has consistently demonstrated a dedication to achieving excellence. His leadership style is characterized by a blend of vision, resilience, and a genuine enthusiasm for the growth and prosperity of the ventures he undertakes.

Clay's entrepreneurial journey is not merely about financial success; it's about creating a positive impact on the business community. His belief in the potential of businesses to make a difference in people's lives is reflected in his approach to every venture he undertakes. Clay Mansell stands as a testament to the idea that success in both business and family life is not only achievable but mutually enriching.

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