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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

By Clay Mansell

This is our first blog post of a weekly series we are starting. Each Mansell Media team member will share with you something that is happening in their world of marketing. Carrie will be writing a blog as Art Director. Hunter and Megan will be filling you in on the latest in the world of graphic design. Kyoshi will be putting her Mississippi College degree to good use and updating us on the world of Public Relations and will discuss what is going on with PRAM.

Lindsey will be blogging on photography and/or graphic design. Brittany B will fill us in on the latest marketing trends. I am most excited to see what Brittany C talks about. She fills so many roles! An interesting blog for her might be a day in the life of Mansell Media!

But, while I have you, I thought I would touch on the importance of Networking! Many times, is it a key piece of the marketing puzzle that never gets solved. If your town has a strong chamber, join it. Go to their meetings. If your business is run by a manager, give them the time to get out of the store. People do business with people they know. People shop at the stores that they see interacting in the community. Find your niche in your town to network and get to know other business owners and managers. Set a goal; it could be that you attend a networking event once a quarter, a month or a week. Stick to that goal and watch the results!

If you want to explore the topic of networking more, this is a great article on networking from Entrepreneur magazine.

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