Less PR and More Law School

December 5, 2018

Lately my life has taken a major turn.  Along with wedding planning, I made the crazy decision to jump back into school. Continuing your education is a great thing, but I didn’t just go extend my knowledge in Public Relations. I went to law school, Mississippi College school of law to be exact. 


Law School is VERY demanding. I’m sure I’ve done more reading in the past few months than I have in my whole entire life. It also requires a lot of thinking. Now Public Relations and working at Mansell Media requires a lot of thinking, but it’s more creative thinking, thinking outside of the box.  Law school is thinking inside of the box created for you by very old men and women a very long time ago. It also requires you to think logically. Logical thinking is something that I find very hard to do. Law school has basically taken over a huge chunk of my life, but I’m so happy that I made the decision to go! 


The past few months I spend days and evenings in class, studying, reading, meeting with professors, and joining my fellow classmates in study groups. My nights are filled with doing my Mansell Media duties, more studying or reading, wedding planning, and very little sleep! 


But overall I am managing to balance Law School and Mansell Media pretty well. Soon, I’ll be able to manage it even better because Semester one is almost over! 

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