Thanksgiving and Graphic Design

November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, as it is a day when we reflect upon everything we're thankful for.. and I want to say I am thankful so much including... my family at Mansell Media.


In the spirit of this holiday, I thought it would be fun to bring my love for Thanksgiving and Graphic Design together in this Blog... What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Besides the food and family, my favorite thing is all the creative new graphics and typography used to help celebrate this holiday season.


There are nearly over a hundred words that you can create using the letters in the word “THANKSGIVING.” I thought it would be fun to point out different words about graphic design in this creative way for example: 


Typography, Headline, Alignment, News Print, Kerning, San Serif, Graphic Design, Italics, Vector, Illustrator, Negative Space, Grid.




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