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Revell Madison Ribbon Cutting

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Revell Madison Ribbon Cutting

I have gotten to work with Joe Rooks and his brothers for many years marketing their business. It was a privilege to get to be with them today for the ribbon cutting of their 9th store!

Revell has trusted us for close to a decade to market their business. Our first relationship was with one of the papers we own, The Clinton Courier. Soon after, we began managing their social media presence as a brand and for each store. Over time, the relationship continued to grow. We handle parts of their website, all social media, digital advertising, direct mail, in-store promotions, and billboards.

Revell is a unique account in the fact that we work alongside another agency for TV and radio. Joe Rooks had a long-standing relationship with Debbe Tillman of Amacker, Inc., and it has been a great team to work together to develop the best marketing ideas for Revell Ace Hardware, Revell Outdoor Power, and Revell B2B.

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