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Never Stop Learning!

By Stone Vincent

The second you think you know it all, something comes along that makes you realize you know very little.

I’ve been with Mansell Media for only 8 months, and I just can’t believe how much I’ve learned, and a how many skills I’ve developed in this short time.

Marketing and graphic design are so much more than sitting at a computer creating graphics and advertisements (although that does take up a good chunk of my time). As your relationship with each business you work with develops, you can’t help but become highly involved! This means learning a lot of things you would never have otherwise.

In these 8 months I’ve learned:

  • How to start a farmers market

  • What interior design was like in the Victorian era

  • How to be a pretty good photographer

  • How to play Pickleball

  • The benefits of modern optometric technology

  • What makes Mississippi clay red

  • What equipment you need to hunt ghosts

In all honesty, this barely even touches the surface of the knowledge I’ve acquired since starting this job. I never thought I would need to know how an Optos machine takes a picture of the back of your eye, or how EVP recorders help you communicate with spirits, but all of this knowledge has been integral to successfully marketing the businesses I work with.

I am always on my toes, learning and experiencing new things along the way!

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