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Wait a sec...there was HOMEWORK?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

by Emily Katherine Dacus

As a full-time student at MC (and an art major at that), I’ve found it pretty hard to balance both my work as a social media coordinator (and newspaper photographer) with my classes at MC. Both are absolutely independent of one another. School has due dates, deadlines, projects, artworks, resumés, and the works. Work has, well... all the same stuff but in a different setting. And the hardest thing isn’t scheduling around the other—it’s the amount of time I need to dedicate to each, and finding that time in 24 hours to do it. But by learning how to manage my time differently, I’m learning what I do prioritize, and what I need to prioritize. In a sense, having too many priorities can help you figure out what’s really important in life—what you choose to cut out and include in your schedule. And it shows others what you prioritize as well. Suddenly you have twice as much to do. “We’re going on a class trip the 18th.” “But I have work...” “We need to meet at 3pm about to discuss a new client.” “But I have class then...” Relationships are harder, personal time is practically nonexistent, and suddenly...we had homework??!!? Well, maybe the world after college isn’t school AND work, but I suppose this experience could be titled as “welcome to the world, Emily Katherine!”

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