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Hello, What’s Your Problem?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

by Karen Kleinman

Hello, What’s Your Problem?

So… I was tasked with writing a blog entry for Mansell Media.

First reaction… a cautious “OKaaaaayyyy…” I don’t mind writing an entry. After the initial seizure of fear wore off, I realized that it was something that I kind of wanted to do anyway. It’s a means to get a point across and for the rare occasion to get something off your chest – tactfully, of course.

Then, here comes the second wave of uncertainty…

Just what the heck am I going to blog about? There was a suggestion made to just introduce myself.

Cue the next cautious “OKaaaaayyyy…”

“My name is Karen and I like cats.”

Immediately flashbacks from elementary school of having to go around the room, introducing yourself, telling something interesting about yourself, feeling awkward as all the other kids in the class give you the eye and size you up by what you say.

*I’m silently thankful my parents didn’t name me something that’s easily teasible. *

So, what’s interesting about me?

Well, I DO like cats. I have a total household of 5.

And, I’ll own up to the moniker of “Crazy Cat Lady”, because there is a little bit of that too.

I’m part of the technorati… I’m interested in everything technological – some things more than others. I’ve done web design & development, graphic & media design, animation, photo & videography plus editing, and the latest thing I’m intrigued with is 3D printing. *Tip of the day: Keep your cord chewing cats away from your 3D printer wires. *

I also fancy myself an artist. My traditional art go-tos are drawing and watercolor, although I have an interest in fiber arts like sewing, spinning, and knitting as well as sculpting and jewelry making. I am fascinated with the Art Deco and Surrealist movements, peppered by a good sprinkling of Asian inspired art & culture.

And to round out a third interest, I’m a bit of an urban homesteader - Composting, gardening, rustic cooking, raising rabbits and/or chickens, solar/wind projects, a little bit of prepper preparedness, and a whole lot of bootstrapping.

So, where does all this leave me in making a post for Mansell Media?

Well one of my favorite movie quotes is from the 1988 movie Working Girl, staring Melanie Griffith. The quote goes,

“I read a lot of things. You never know where the big ideas could come from.”

I feel like this quote sums up my daily aesthetic. To be open and aware enough to accept new things and how they may impact the world around you to make things better… or worse. *Learning Lesson: Sometimes “worse” happens. *

It’s my task to weigh the possible outcomes and to make informed decisions.

Now, here’s the BIG question: “Why should you care?”

The answer is extremely simple. I have the same job as EVERYONE else.

My official unofficial title is Problem Solver.

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