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Organizing Tips!

Written by Emily Neely

Staying organized is an easy way to help your work life move smoothly! Keeping things in order allows you to be on time, be up to date, and provide quality work. A messy workplace can cause confusion, tardiness, or miscommunication. Not only will stating organized help with physical tasks, but it can help with your mental health. It can reduce stress, promote better sleep, and assist with work/life balance. Here are a few tips to stay tidy!

  1. Use a calendar or planner-Make sure events, due dates, and meetings are written down! Once a task is done, make sure you cross it out to know you have completed it.

  2. Color code- To help manage your work load, decide which task is priority by color coding your assignments!

  3. Reduce clutter- A messy workspace can make it difficult to concentrate or find information.

  4. Use a timer- Tracking the amount of time it takes to finish one task, can better equip you on how to manage your day. Knowing the length of a task can help you schedule and finish on time. Neatness can increase productivity and concentration. With these tips you can organize your desk and work life! Hopefully, you’ll see how your job is a bit easier!

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