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Hello everyone! Logan Alford Here!

by Logan Alford

My name is Logan Alford, and I am one of the newest members at Mansell Media. I am a graphic designer / social media manager, and I love what I do, and Mansell Media has given me the chance to put my skills to the test.

I studied at Hinds Community College in Raymond, MS. I graduated in 2019, so it has definitely been a long and interesting two years. Before I studied graphic design, I had no idea what it was, or what graphic designers even did. My best friend pushed me to go to college for it, knowing that I would enjoy it and have a passion for it before I ever did. Now, I can't get enough of it, my drive and passion for design runs deeper than just creating the things that others need.

My passion for design comes from wanting to help others. From creating their business card, to just sitting down with them and talking about their company. It's also much more than just creating things, I have to learn before I create. If it's about a product, or a certain type of design they want done, I love to sit down and research everything I can find on the subject to better help me understand what they need. All the while doing so to help them target a broader audience.

In my short time so far at Mansell Media, I’ve already furthered my skill set, and have been challenged in doing things I have yet to even try, and it has been amazing.

Other things about me besides design, is I love to write short stories, from fantasy to horror, and everything in between. Board games, video games, movies, you know all the fun stuff that everyone likes to enjoy nowadays, are definitely my niche.

I'm excited to see what things Mansell Media has in store for me. Helping me build my skill set, while also challenging me and making me better.

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