What’s With the Blue Light?!?

We live in the digital age—there’s no denying that. You cannot go ANYWHERE without seeing people glued to their smartphone screens. One major concern I’ve seen lately is the prevalence of blue light from our ever-present screens—whether it be a phone, computer, tablet, TV, you name it. It’s well known that staring at anything, particularly a flat screen, is bad for your eyes. But what’s with the talk about the blue light? Why is BLUE light so bad? Well...I manage accounts for several eye care clinics around central Mississippi, and one thing I’ve found while making posts is that a high exposure to blue light from screens can increase the risk for macular degeneration. Blue wavelengths ar

I Want A Website… Now What? Part 2 - Finding the Right Hosting Provider

It’s hard to tell what hosting provider is the best choice for your site is without digging into what all the provider does, weighing the cost of services, and figuring out what your site needs from a hosting provider. So, what features should you look for in a hosting provider? First thing to consider is how your website is going to be built. Are you having a professional build your site or are you going down the DIY road and doing it yourself? How comfortable are you with front end and back end coding languages? If you need to build your site yourself and are not comfortable with coding, you may need to consider using a hosting provider that offers a web builder feature such as GoDaddy, Wi

The Power of Social Media Influence: The Great Debate

So of course, as a full-service advertising & marketing agency specializing in social media management, we can tell you the importance using social media to promote your business. Social media today has a bigger influence on the future and reputations of a business than billboards and commercials. Plus, unlike commercials and billboards, it can sometimes cost nothing. A real-life example of the power of social media and its influence today can be seen through the great debate. The great debate being the Popeyes' chicken sandwich vs the Chick-fil- a chicken sandwich. The famous Popeyes' chicken sandwich was made its nationwide debut on August 12th, two weeks later the company announced that

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