Now What...?

Well, I’m about a week away from graduating with my BFA in Studio Art from MC. I took on my job at Mansell Media as a social media manager as a part-time job that fit easily with my class schedule. It’s been good, and a good occupation for someone my age and experience. Well, now summer (as well as my summer class) has nearly come and gone, and, to put it bluntly... now what? I know we all have our ideas of how life is SUPPOSED to go. I feel like I’m supposed to do certain things right now. Make major changes, take big steps, etc. And so many people have asked me, what are your plans after graduation? Work? MFA? Are you going to move elsewhere? Live with your parents? How do you feel now? We

Wanted: Brave Hero Needed To Slay Trolls

Well met, brave hero! This is your quest if you choose to accept it… The Internet is a wonderful place to have a community come together. There are old school bulletin boards still around, news sites that offer users to submit comments, and of course all the different social media platforms. However, these same places that give folks a place to learn, grow, ask questions, state opinions, share experiences, and have a voice are the same places that breed trolls. Trolls are a nasty Internet evil that can, with only words and maybe a picture or video, not only cause you to have a bad day, but can also shake the very foundation of WHY the internet is such an important place to interact and have

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